About Hasanat

Hasanat is a platform for charity donations and campaigning utilizing social networks’ tools and techniques. The platform enables users to donate to charity organizations’ projects and long-term programs. It allows donors to refer selected projects to their relatives and friends circles through common communication channels and social networks.

Hasanat provides a legal and convenient platform that allows contributors to campaign and market charity projects. Donations through the platform are directly deposited to the charity organization.

Hasanat platform makes measuring the effectiveness of individual contribution to charity projects possible.

Hasanat platform encourages contributors to donate and campaign projects by dashboarding comprehensive information and sending notifications about the updates. The contributor can see a range of charity projects with information that is not always available in other donation channels such as total targets, donated amounts, progress percentages, number of contributors, target dates, etc. A contributor can track his payments and scroll through the history of contributions. After donation when charity organization posts updates of projects such as photos, the contributor will be notified.